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Sri Lanka Culture is fascinating. The Yaksha and Naga tribes Civilized before 300 B.C. using agriculture and irrigation, Nourished from the Buddhism in early 2nd Century B.C. and also influenced by Indian invasions and going through Portuguese, Dutch and British rule, Sri Lankan Culture is diverse like its Natural Heritage.

Known as the Smiling People though out the world Sri Lankans enjoy a unique life style that’s humble, artistic, entertaining and touching someone’s heart with Sri Lanka hospitality known for centuries. The intimate connection between Society and Buddhism as well as traditional forms of Art, Dance and Music are the fusion of the Sri Lanka Culture


Sri Lanka is primarily a Buddhist country and most of its festivals are based on the lunar calendar. Every Full Moon day also known as Poya day, is a holiday. The Buddha encouraged disciples to undertake spiritual practices during the full moon period and Sri Lankan Buddhist spend their days in meditation and prayer. Each day is related to an incident in the Buddha or to a historic Buddhist event.

  • January (Duruthu)
  • February (Navam)
  • March (Medhin)
  • April (Bak)
  • May (Vesak)
  • June (Poson)
  • July (Asela)
  • August (Nikini)
  • September (Binara)
  • October (Vap)
  • November (il)
  • December (Uduvap)