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Food is high adventure in Sri Lanka. However, a conservative visitor could always have a wide varieties of western food served with typical Sri Lanka charm. However no visitor would like to miss the variety of fresh seafood from the seas around us and shrimp, crabs, lobster, cuttlefish, seer & the king of Sri Lanka fish and many other varieties too numerous to mention. Fruits of all tastes and sizes ranging from the luscious pineapple, mangoes, mangosteen, bananas (over 15 varieties), papaws ever so sweet, avocadoes, oranges, durians, passion fruit, and an assortment of several others will satisfy even the most fastidious palate.


The rice & curry, hoppers, string-hoppers, milk rice and several varieties of sweetmeats and desserts-are a gourmet’s delight.

Specialty restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, French, and Germen cuisines are found in the city of Colombo . Fast Food restaurants are available in the cities. Cocktail and punches prepared from the local drink arrack, a product of the coconut palm tree, have always been a great favourite.

The locally brewed beer is equal to the best in the world.

Poolside buffets and barbecues, Sri Lankan nights when Sri Lankan food is served under starry skies and a tropical moon make dining a pleasure garnished with a touch of romance.