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Welcome to Udawalawe

Udawalawe National Park was established in 1972 with an area of 30,800 hectares. This park is a home for herds of Elephants . There are approximately between 300-400 Elephants living in the park. Besides Elephants you could also come across Deer, Samber, Hornbills, Peafowl and various other mammals and birds.



The Sri Lankan Elephant is the prominent figure in Sri Lankan wildlife and this is a rightful honour for the majestic and intelligent beast crowned the largest of the Asian elephants. The current elephant population in Sri Lanka stands at 4500-5000 and great measures are being taken in order to preserve and protect the dwindling figures.

A visit to Sri Lanka would be incomplete without a glimpse of these magnificent creatures that can be observed within safeguarded National Parks such as Yala, Wilpattu, Wasgamuwa, Minneriya , and Udawalawa . A found favorite among the locals as well as tourist is the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. This remarkable elephant orphanage currently operates one of the world’s most successful elephant breeding programs by taking in and caring for injured or orphaned elephants. Watching dozens of these elephants walk past you as they splash into the river at bath time and feeding an adorable baby elephant out of a giant milk bottle is a wonderful experience that will make your visit all the more worthwhile. Be sure to observe the astounding Elephant Gathering in Minneriya during the months of July to Oct, a spectacle not to be missed.